You may find yourself surprised to learn there are over 1,300 licensed real estate agents in Waterloo Region. With such a vast selection, how do you choose the professional to best meet your specific needs?

There are some key traits you might want to consider when selecting your real estate professional. These include: experience in the business, knowledge in your local area, work habits that align with your needs, recommendations from previous clients, and good standing with their board.

Use an Agent with Experience

Referrals are a great way to start your search, but be cautious. The referral of family members and friends often includes those that just got their license. To ensure you are getting the experience needed, most experts recommend using an agent with at least 5 years experience. The real estate professionals at The Dennis Team have a combined 50 years experience, with individual members having at least 5 years in the business.

Local Agent Who Knows the Game

Real estate is a local game, and to win you need someone who knows how to play in the Waterloo area. Real estate agents in Waterloo Region should be up to speed on the local trends, schools in the area, commute times, and be aware of any under the radar red flags, like proposed road / sidewalk changes or new housing developments that may impact traffic. To get started check out our Community Information pages with loads of info on the Region of Waterloo.

Don’t Be Afraid to Ask Questions About Their Work Habits

Ask specific questions about their way of working and strategies to market your home:

  • How many listings does the agent have?
  • How many homes have they sold in Waterloo Region?
  • What format will they communicate with you? And how often?
  • What kind of marketing materials and advertising will be used?
  • Will a professional photographer be available?

Or, if the real estate agent is being used to help purchase a home:

  • How often will the agent send listings?
  • What are the hours to handle inquiries or appointments?
  • Are they experienced in multiple offer scenarios?
  • Does the real estate agent have contacts in the mortgage business?
  • What is their after-sale support program?

Ask for Recommendations

Any agent who has been selling for a while should have a list of happy customers. It is surprising how many people rarely ask for references. Check out our list of satisfied clients.

Check Credentials / Standing

Make sure you are working with a real estate agent who is in good standing with their board. In order to trade real estate in Waterloo, the realtor must be registered under the Real Estate Business and Brokers Act, 2002. You can check a real estate professional’s standing and if any complaints have been filled against them on the Real Estate Council of Ontario’s website.

The Right Real Estate Agent in Waterloo Region

The agents of The Dennis Team are considered some of the best real estate agents in Waterloo. The team has been one of the top 5 teams at Re/Max Twin City Realty for the past 7 years and one of the ‘Top 100 Teams’ in the entire Re/Max offices of Canada in 2016. Contact our team today to get started on buying or selling your home today.

How to Choose the Right Real Estate Agent in Waterloo Region
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How to Choose the Right Real Estate Agent in Waterloo Region
You may be surprised to learn there are over 1,300 licensed realtors in Waterloo Region. How do you choose the right real estate agent in Waterloo Region?
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Re/Max Twin City Realty Inc., Brokerage
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