1. Neglecting Necessary Repairs

It is often going to cost you less to fix things ahead of time rather than have buyers see your house in disrepair.  The potential buyers willing to pay top dollar for your home won’t want the added expense of costly repairs.

If the real estate market is extremely hot, as it currently is in Kitchener Waterloo, you can get away with fewer fix-ups before selling. Our team of real estate professionals would be happy to discuss which repair jobs you may want to undertake prior listing.


2. Not Tidying Up Prior to Listing

Clutter eats equity. One of the least expensive improvements is to unclutter and create a sense of spaciousness on countertops and closets. Reap the rewards on the sale of your clutter-free home, and at moving time, with less to pack and move.


3. Selling an Empty House

Selling an empty house in Kitchener-Waterloo can leave potential buyers feeling empty, which results in your bank account staying empty.  If you want added furniture to jazz up your home’s décor, home stagers offer affordable rental options to help furnish homes with limited resources.

Chances are you already have plenty to choose from. Rearranging items may just leave you with the perfect amount of furnishings for a staged house. Our team would be happy to suggest some local home stagers prior to listing your home.


4. Incorrectly Pricing Your Home

Home prices in Kitchener-Waterloo are skyrocketing, and the listing price of your house matters more than ever. Asking for too much (even if you think it is the ‘true’ value) can deter potential buyers who are prepared for a bidding war and are willing to pay more than the listing price. Asking for too little has the potential for equity to be left on the table. It is best to talk with one of our real estate agents prior to listing.


5. Not Hiring a Professional

Trying to sell your home on your own in this market can result in huge disappointments. Without the proper representation, you cannot be certain your listing is getting the correct attention it deserves; this may result in missed opportunities. With so many sales having multiple offers and negotiations, not receiving the best offer may mean a significant loss of tens of thousands of dollars.


6. Letting Ego Talk During Negotiations

Too many sellers take the negotiation process personally and lose out on creating a win-win situation. Keeping your ego out of the process and your head in it will help you get the best deal. If offers do get heated, having a less emotionally invested individual negotiate on your behalf may result in the ability to extract more value from your property.


7. Failing to Complete a Full Set of Disclosures

By being upfront and forthcoming about any of your home’s unresolved issues will save you lots of money and time, especially if the buyer ends up uncovering problems themselves. The best result would be fixing the issues prior to sale, but if left unresolved don’t try to hide them.


8. Using Poor Quality Pictures

Currently, more than 90% of all buyers start their home search online, so you had better make sure your home’s close-ups are being nailed! There aren’t second chances to make the perfect first impression. A photographer with experience in real estate will be able to capture the true character of your home at surprisingly reasonable rates.


Use The Dennis Team To Prevent Mistakes

The real estate agents at The Dennis Team are strategic agents whose top priority is ensuring their clients feel confident during the selling process. With over 50 years of combined experience, our agents have witnessed these various selling mistakes and have perfected our methods to avoid them.

Our network of local repair, home stagers and photographers are able to help ensure most of these mistakes are avoided prior to listing. Our agents can avoid the rest. They will ensure your listing is properly priced to gain the correct exposure. When multiple offers are presented, they can negotiate a win-win situation for you, resulting in the best possible sale price.

Find out what your home might be worth using the Free Home Evaluation.

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