A frequent question I get asked by potential home sellers is “do I need to do anything to my house for it to sell?” With the real estate market in Kitchener-Waterloo & Cambridge currently in this unprecedented seller’s market, I must say that every situation is a little different and to ensure you are getting the maximum equity out of your home sale, a little home staging could be beneficial. To get the best answer for your home selling situation, contact one of the realtors on my team to have a free home evaluation preformed.

In this article, we are going to outline why to stage your home and a few simple home staging tips to help setup your home sale for success.

Staging Your Home in a Seller’s Market

In a seller’s market, when listing inventory is limited, buyers are competing against each other to buy a home from the limited number of sellers. In this market situation, the presentation of a home isn’t as high a priority as when it’s a buyer’s market. Still, to help get top dollar for your home sale it’s important to remain aware that buyers don’t want to feel they are moving into someone else’s home.

Home staging can be used to help highlight the qualities of the property that would appeal to the right buyer, the buyer willing to pay top dollar. Or to help define, or increase, the quality of the house they see.

Simple Tips for Home Staging

De-clutter Everything

I start with this tip because it is the most important. It is probably the most time consuming too. Items that are not used on a regular basis should be put away. Clear some small appliances off the kitchen countertops. Ensure that when a cupboard is opened the cracker box doesn’t fall out. Clothes closets should be organized; try packing away off-season items, if possible. These items help create the feeling that rooms are more spacious.

Clean the Bathrooms

Spend a few minutes and give the toilet bowl, sink and shower/bathtub a scrub. Clear off the countertops and clean the mirror. If you have the ability to, try adding some greenery to the counters or tub area. This can help create the feeling of warmth and relaxation.

Wash the Windows

Over time windows collect dust, dirt and fingerprints. This can block out the precious sunlight highlighting the spaciousness of a room. By cleaning the inside and outside of the windows, light will shine through much nicer. This will also allow potential buyers touring the home to see the view from each room clearer.

A Few Higher Cost / Time Tips

If budget and time permits these next few items are other easy ways to enhance your home sale:

Touch-up Paint

Scuffs or wear marks can channel an unkempt vibe in potential buyers. The time spent touching-up walls and baseboards will give you more bang for your buck than anything else.

Replace Items That Have Seen Better Days

This doesn’t mean you need to go and replace the couch that is starting to show some wear, but you may want to check the light bulbs in each room to ensure they are all working. Replacing older hand towels and dishtowels with new ones are a fairly inexpensive way of showing the TLC homebuyers are looking for.

Spiff-up / Tend to Front and Back Yards

Curb appeal and backyard space does matter. Simple fix-its can make the most of your existing yard layouts. Think “tidy”, “update” and “refresh”; no need to do anything costly or major. In spring, summer and fall, keep the grass cut and flowerbeds trimmed. In winter, keep the walkway shoveled.

Why Use The Realtors At The Dennis Team

In this market, every realtor will tell you they can sell your home without you making any changes. The Dennis Team isn’t just going to sell your home; we are going to sell your home for top dollar. To find out what, if any, of the above tips would be best suited for your home sale, contact me or one of my team’s realtors today for a free home evaluation.


How to Stage Your Home to Sell in K-W
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How to Stage Your Home to Sell in K-W
Every home selling situation is a little different and to ensure you are getting the maximum equity out of yours, a little home staging could be beneficial.
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Re/Max Twin City Realty Inc., Brokerage
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